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War In The Hive

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Custom Talents:

Train for one, plan for two. 200 Xp

BS 40, Basic weapon proficiency (Sp or Las), Dead eye Shot, Heightened Sense (sight) or Per 40

If you make a full aim action with a basic las or sp weapon and fire the next round, then you may use your remaining half action that round to half aim and get all the bonuses of full aiming again. Both of these shots must be at the SAME target.This talent may not be used twice in a row.

Ex: On round one, Typhus takes a full aim at the Hive Ganger down the street, carefully setting his sights on the man. The next round he fires, the first shot being deflected by the Ganger’s helmet but only barely. Well trained by the Officio Assassinorum he takes a half aim with his remaining half action, carefully keeping his sights on the man. The following round, while the Ganger looks around confused and shouting for who did that, Typhus fires again. This time the bullet finding the soft tissue of the man’s eye and dropping him.

Surgical Precision 200 Xp

BS 40, Basic weapon proficiency (Sp or Las), Dead eye Shot, Sharpshooter, Heightened Sense (sight) or Per 40

You are an expert at hitting the most vital spot on your target. To benefit from this talent you must:

  1. Make a Full Aim action.
  2. Make a called shot on your following turn to the head or chest with a single shot and a basic weapon with the accurate quality.
  3. Not be shooting at a target with the strange physiology or amorphous traits.

If the attack hits, you may do +1dmg per degree of success.

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