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Small for a Hive by some classifications Hive Tsa sits on the location of what used to be the dominant city of the planet and seat of power for the planet wide empire. The Hive is suspended above the deep mine shaft that was dug core-ward upon the discovery of rich veins of Adamantine and many other valuable minerals deep under the planets crust. Many of these minerals have not been found within the Calixis sector yet. The location of the mine was chosen due to the unusually dense crust of the planet and the need to protect the extremely valuable resources to be tapped.

Notable Powers:

  • Adeptus Arbites
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Departmento Munitorum
  • Imperial Guard
  • Ecclesiarchy
  • Inquisition
  • 9 Gang Lords
  • 5 Major Noble Families

Hive Tsa

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