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Classification: Technological Heretic Traitorous

Threat: Heretic Terminus

Orders: Kill on sight.

A powerful group who’s presence in Hive T’sa has recently been confirmed. The organization is characterized by their bulky form, most likely due to many implants and cybernetic limbs. They wear a red robe to cover their forms, it’s shade only a few darker then those of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They have been confirmed in executing numerous tech heresies, the least of which include modify the emperor’s holy technology. The greatest being the attempted merger of man, machine, and demon.

Due to the efforts of Inquisitor Nihilius and his acolytes it has been confirmed they have at least one renegade tech priest in their number. His current designation is Silver Skull and he is marked Heretic Traitorous.

The current number of members is unknown but they employ a small army of mercenaries and specialists. They are characterized by red carapace armor the same shade as their robes as well as advanced weaponry and training. They are also known to be extremely resilient to both physical damage and mental trauma and attack. The exact number is unknown but these appear to be their personal guards and enforces. Further investigation into their connections within Hive T’sa showed they only personally employed what they considered to be the best men for the job.

While in Hive T’sa they held strong ties to several of the gangs and their leaders. Smiley himself carried may examples of their technological expertise and heresy. Their influence was eventually confirmed in several minor noble houses. These houses were not nearly as powerful as the great houses but they still had power and influence which allowed the Benefactors to operate without being detected.


There has only been a small amount of contact with this organization currently but they have proven to be a dangerous group. During their attempted escape to orbit a unit of Imperial Guard and PDF reinforcements was caught inside a warehouse. When it became apparent that the benefactors could not escape to orbit they crashed their ship into the warehouse, destroying it and killing everyone inside. A large amount of the cargo they were attempting to move off world was also lost in the explosion.

Investigation into several individuals who had dealings with the benefactors showed that when refused something they quickly turned violent. They have killed whole families or taken them during the night for use in their experiments as punishment for refusing them.

Their personal guards are extremely well trained and armed, carrying Hellguns (make and model is currently unknown) as standard issue. They have employed an equal number of servitors ranging from gun servitors to unique abominations of the holy template to servo skulls.

Post engagement examination of several corpses of their personal guards have shown heavy cybernetic augmentation focusing primarily in the brain. Though most of these implants self-destructed when the individual was killed their mental strength may be due to these. They have also implanted powerful explosives in several of these guards that detonate after a set period of time after their death.

They have so far been extremely careful in covering their tracks and who they really are. So little is known about their real goals and operations but they have displayed an almost fanatical fervor when it comes to protecting their equipment. They also seem to have little care for the lives of their employees and civilians, willingly killing them if it would ensure their continued secrecy or escape.


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