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Arc One: Depths of the Hive.

Hive Tsa has been the seat of power of it's world for centuries before the Imperium of Man first made it's presence known in the Calixis. Though small by comparison to most Imperial hives, Hive Tsa is by no means a peaceful place. Gangs ravage the lower hives and noble plots threaten to upset the balance of power on top the Throne. Nine major gangs have risen to power and rule the lower hive through fear and violence. The death of Inquisitor Nihilius has caused the once stable insanity of the gang wars to spiral out of control. The gangs are getting bolder, attacking PDF forces and even Imperial Guard forces and engaging in open conflict with what remains of the Inquisitorial forces. The nobles whisper of a new power coming to the hive and that the death of the Inquisitor is the first demonstration of their power. In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war.

The gang wars have accelerated at an unpredicted rate and threaten to quickly overwhelm Hive Authorities in the Lower and Mid Hive. Dangerous weapons and creatures have been spotted throughout the hive. The forges and smelters of the Hive Works are starting to slow, their ancient gears grinding to a slow halt. Should the Hives production facilities stop the attention and full brunt of the Munitorium is sure to turn upon Hive Tsa, a fate not even the Gang Lords want.

The mysterious Benefactors behind the Smiley gang have fled the planet with only a small portion of what they hoped. Inquisitor Nihilius himself along with Acolyte Typhus and 3 other members of his cell have begun pursuit, hoping to the Benefactors before they can leave orbit. He has left a senior acolyte and several other agents in the hive to stop the apparent Virus Bomb set to cover their escape. Hive Tsa is in more danger then it ever faced at the hands of the Gang Lords.

The bombs left by the Benefactors has been stopped. Hive Tsa has been saved from this latest threat. The Benefactors associates have been rounded up and the roots of their power-base ripped from the hive. Though many of these roots are already dead or removed, the Benefactors influence has weakened significantly. PDF forces and Imperial Guard forces have restored order to the hive and day to day activity is returning to normal for citizens. But with an enemy as dangerous and influential as the Benefactors, can their presence ever really be eliminated?


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