War In The Hive

June 21 2009

The session opened with the introduction of a new player character. The new guy was brought up to speed, at which point he tracked down the rest of the party. Tracking us down was easier than it had been for other acolytes because of the heights of infamy that the team has reached.

Typhus and The Scum were both hospitalized from the previous session, so we spent several days just hanging out and getting our affairs in order. During this time, Havelock requisitioned a truck and a pair of drivers for it; The Scum preordered a new gun from Caeser; and Typhus replaced his left arm with a prosthetic.

 After everyone was healthy enough for combat, we hopped in the truck and had our drivers take us back into smilies territory.  Once there, we resumed our interrupted execution of Plan H (killing all of  Smiley's gangers, one group at a time. At first, we met only minor resistance. There was a group that included four lieutenants which gave us somereal resistance, but even that group appeared to have been sent after us just as a distraction so that the real counter-attack could track us down. Luckily for the group, we were able to use a stolen radio to keep a step ahead of the enemy's movements and thus set an ambush for the group that was hunting us.

The ambush was quickly detected by Smiley's strike force because they had a psyker with them. Fortunately for us, we still had the advantage of cover. The enemy first tried to take us down at range, but the changed strategies when it became apparent that we were unperturbed by the distance. They then began advancing under the cover of smoke grenades. Once they had closed sufficient distance, their psyker began throwing fire blasts at us. Typhus and The Scum suffered some nasty burns, but eventually the entire force was defeated. The last surviving member of their party surrendered to us, but was later killed.

 After the battle,  Havelock healed everyone. The group sent the truck and drivers back to the PDF garrison to bring reinforcements for the big assault on  Smiley's base and NewGuy radioed the Guard Garrison to send additional forces.

Proceding on foot towards the heart of Smilies territory, the acolytes were surprised to encounter a man they had believed dead: Inquisitor Nihilius. He said something vaguely cryptic about us taking a long time to get there and the session ended.

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