War In The Hive

Log # 11-88-68-98633/A

Log # 11-88-68-98633/A

After a few more moments of silence in the holding cell the robed man sighs and then moves his hand from his temple and bridges them in front of, presumably, his face and quietly stares at the 718. Still smiling from when he was told to pause his tale 718 waits just a second longer before muttering.

“So I guess this means I continue…”

Wishing he could scratch his head the chair bound man sighs and thinks for a moment trying to remember where he left off his tale.

“Anyways… uh.. where was I? Oh right, So Nihilius comes out of that tunnel behind Smilie’s bed trying to build up some drama but that falls flat as we all know he’s strong enough to manage anything behind that place. Anywho he comes in and starts bossing us around eventually telling myself the loony psycher and his pet the ‘leader’ of the group to head out and clear out the garage while him and the gear head take a closer look-see at that demon maker thingy.

Well I deiced since the rest of the group has all the subtlety of a rampaging Gorax I head down there wearing the gear of one of the gangers to fit in better and it ends up being worthless since they’re all preoccupied with some stupid truck leaving. They hardly even notice me as I head over to an unmanned riot-truck-thingy and shoot open the hatch letting myself in. So I’m in that sardine’s gunner seat and give my ‘fellow acolites’ time enough to get close to my floor. Once they reach the floor I open up with that turret on the largest source of ‘things that go boom’ that I can find and sit back watching the fireball consume part of the garage.

So with that lit up and my fellow acolytes taking care of prisoners I tide myself over reloading the turret. Obviously they those miserable and completely worthless Smilies, honestly they have little right to call themselves gangers espically since they’re completely inept at doing anything. Why this one time I-”

With a subtle nod from the robed man the guard quickly jabs 718 in the side with his shock maul sending pain flaring up his body. With a gruff voice he waits for the prisoner to stop gasping for breath and cursing.

“Get on with it…”

“Garh… argh… gasp… right… cough… any… ways… I start re… loading while the other round up the Smilies. After most had been cordoned off the damn place’s lights blow out or something leaving us in pitch blackness. So even with the lights out I figure that having that main gun reloaded would be better then not and finish up my work. Apparently from what the other guys told me there was something in there killing off the gangers who tried to leave. I never really got a good look at it and it ran away before I could even manage to fire off a shot at it.

Anyways after some bad driving from the head case psycher we end up at the front of the door trying to get out of the place as the alarms go shitty and we hear that the damn place is going to go up in flames… apparently Smily WAS a load bearing boss. So as everyone tries to get the doors open I happen to look behind us and see some crazy tech priest guy walking… well not really walking so much as kinda floating towards us.

Well I inform the others accidentally by thinking he was that gear head that was with Nihilius. They look over and suddenly get the bright idea to start shooting at him… WITH LAS WEAPONS… I mean they’ve made some stupid moves before… Anyways they try to get his leg but everything they throw at him is pretty much ignored. However we hear this odd whining coming from him and suddenly we’re dealing with zombies. Well I’ve been making my way over to him and and quick as you please I go right up to him and level my two shot guns at him. I also spout some nonsense about the Inquisition since I apprently can get rid of them… like a bad rash the Inquisition just doesn’t go away.

So with that he gets all impressive whipping out his appendages… no not that kind… the severo arm kind… and looks all threatening as he levels two plasma pistols attached to them at me. Those-hurt and burn though just about everything in there way… I survive the shot surprisingly and return fire. Well I think my shotguns simply scratched an itch he had on his face for all the good they did. Anyways he spouts some nonsense about how worthless we are and then proceeds to ignore me.

Needless to say… THAT-PISSED-ME-OFF! So I unslung Smily’s bolter from my back move up behind the guy and… heh… lets just say he felt that last parting shot.”

With that the Scum smiles and chuckles slightly remember the moment and the tech priests reaction. After a few moments he sighs and continues his story to the two listeners.

“So he returns fire and I dive behind the nearby wall to avoid the shots. After that he vanishes into some secrete passage and we choose to book it outta there as I imagine the countdown timer is at about ten seconds. So we book it and none too soon as the entire place just goes to the warp and back in its own personally shit hand basket. Demons start showing up and the streets get royally screwed over as we start our fighting retreat towards our gun dealer. Course the loon psycher gets it in his head to help out the PDF forces forgetting how mess up the fabric of reality is around that area and the group ‘leader’ seems to agree with him.

Well I wasn’t born a fool, as soon as I see Mr. fabric of reality bender start to do his thing I book it as fast as I can towards the nearest elevator down. Unfortunately I run into a barricade and more of those damn human demon thingamajigs. Well I chuck a nade at them and dive behind cover out of sight. They apparently don’t like fire and go to smash it out… yes I said smash it out… anyways the others finally catch up and start ganking those demon thingamajigs while I retreat to a safe distance and wait it out.

Well they take those things down and we regroup and begin planning our next course of action before we suddenly hear ol Nihilius on the radio tell us wait as he goes to meet up with us. We meet up with him and find out apparently he lost our gear head! How throne only knows but he’s now gone. Well we swap stories and end up getting on his requestioned truck and start chasing after that truck that left Smily’s base.

Well one road trip later we catch up to the truck after rolling over some of those merc gangers and hop on to see if we can stop it. Well the fight goes sour REAL fast as that invulnerable techy shows up and starts opening up a can of whoop-ASS on us and Nihilius. At that point I’m up top on the second… or third… trailer and I get ANOTHER pyric parting shot off on him as I suddenly see a bandolier of nades go off right between our Inquisitor and the evil techy. Unfortunately I’m caught in the blast and almost meet my maker if he wasn’t already looking out for me.

Somehow I survive and am hanging on to that damn trail trailer by a antenna. So I make it to the back standing area and suddenly see myself moving faster away from the other trailers as I watch Nihilius and the rest of the group slowly shrinking behind me…”

Slowly 718 stops and looks up at the robed man.

“Alright I’m not saying another word until I get something to eat. You’ve kept me in here for about two days now and if you want me to even try to give you accurate information I need SOMETHING to eat…”

The guard moves to shock the prisoner again but the robed man holds up a hand and signals for him to wait. Slowly he makes another motion telling the guard to go get the requested food. Grumbling something incoherent he puts away his maul and heads out to find some food. As he leaves the robed man places a hand on his head like before and remains still and silent as the grave.

End Log # 11-88-68-98633/A

Havelock 07172009

Nihilius decided that we should split up. He sent me, the "prime," the Scum, and the arbite down the elevator to the B level garage. Scum went first, dressed in Smily gang leathers. By the time the rest of us came down, he had forced his way into the turret of a light tank and was using it to cause mayhem. As soon as we made our pressence known, the gangers that were left surrendered. It was a smart move, but turned out not to be particularly helpful.


Somebody killed the lights, at which point a melee attack servitor began tearing apart the gangers. It was invisible to the nght-vision bands on our photo-visors and awesomely fast. The thing managed to kill nearly all of the gangers by the time we managed to start getting shots off at it. Eventually, it fled, at which point  Altian was able to override the lock on the bay door. Before we could give chase to the benefactors that had left ahead of us, their apparent leader arrived in the garage. He emitted a noise which appeared toanimate the corpses of the fallen gangers. It was around that time that a klaxon began blaring throughout the base. Altian and I took shots at the heretical tech-priest from on top of our captured tank while  Scum went in close to try to use his shotguns. Eventually, the squid-face turned away from us in order to make his own escape. Concerned by the flight of our extremely durable opponent, we decided it would be best to make our own retreat in the tank.


As we drove away from the base, there was a horrible wrenching of the aetherium as the extremely heretical daemon-making machine (mentioned earlier) apparently destroyed itself and several nearby buildings. Our tank was sent flying by the shockwaves generated by the destruction. After draggins ourselves out of the wreckage, we saw four daemons materialize. They attacked us and we destroyed them. The  Scum and the arbiter ran off independently of each other. Scum encountered another group of daemons and ran scared, but not before calling on Altian and I to come rescue him. Altian assisted me in dispatching the group of daemons while the Scum hid. While we were regrouping from that encounter, Nihilius contacted us over the vox. After a short wait, he rejoined us in a truck driven by our old driver, Vern. Vern was injured, so I repaired him and we finally picked up our chase of the "benefactors."


 A few groups of Sharns on bikes attempted to interfere with our pursuit. They had difficulty controlling their vehicles, though, when their limbs no longer obeyed their minds. Nihilius destroyed a few of them with his TK. Shots from the bed of our truck managed to take down one bike. When the bikes failed, the Sharns sent a truck like our own after us. The truck was also outclassed. Shortly after dispatching the truck, we came to the cargo crawler we had been chasing. After retiring the gun servitors that guarded its rear, the four of us boarded the crawler. Vern stayed with the truck. On board, we encountered another three servitors. The "benefactors" seem to favor servitors as minions, possibly because any fully sentient citizen of the Imperium would immediately spot their rampant heresy and turn coat. Once we had nearly reached the first car of the crawler, the tech-priest from before appeared and seperated the cab from the rest of the crawler. We continued to fight them, not making up much ground, until our part of the crawler was fully left behind by the cab, taking the  Scum with it. On Nihilius's order, Altian and I began to sweep the cargo crawler. In one room, we discovered the barely alive remains of Colonel Ramirez inside of a tube of liquid along with three unidentified bodies in similar condition.

Soloist Log HV-4-5924/6753

Game Date 7-7-09




Soloist log…. Heh, surprised I’m still using that as a moniker considering the situation I seem to have found myself in. 25 years alone, 10 stuck in that cesspool, and now I’m expected to know how to work with a team? The best way I deal with people is when they are staring down the business end of my rifle. But I digress…

I had just finished watching that god damn Smiley Psyker stop smoldering when we were greeted by Nihilius off in some alley. He asks us to follow him, which I begin to do, but our TechPriest isn’t convinced it’s him, and takes a shot at him. The grenade just stops there, then flies off. I should have thought of checking his identity myself. But again, I don’t usually have to deal with anyone directly. Still, it isn’t a bullet that is going to get me killed one day, it’s going to be some bullshit like that. Instincts are all I got, I need to remember to use them.

He yells at us for being slow, and using improper methods for completing our goals, which I thoroughly ignore, as I just arrived in this group, which Nihilius recognizes. He gives us info about a backdoor to Smileys hideout, as apparently the goons I’m with are quite known to him, and had left the center of his territory and set up quite the ambush for us. We are ordered to take Smiley alive, because we need to find out who his benefactors are. I just want to put this over-sized freak down once and for all… The next words out of his mouth bother me more than anything has in quite some time; I was made prime of the group. Is he SERIOUS? I’m an ASSASSIN. I work ALONE. Now he puts me in charge of a group of misfits that I just joined, and he expects me not only to effectively lead, but for them to LISTEN to me? Now my life is on the line if they fuck up. This is why I became an assassin and not a guardsman sniper, to prevent this shit. At least he said I could kill the Scum if he got out of line…

We begin making our way toward the location Nihilius gave us, some of us taking the time to put on less conspicuous clothes. I fail to see why though, as we have a 8 foot tall blue headcase and a damned robotman with us. That pretty much throws subtlety out the window. Finally we make it to the building that houses the entrance to the bunker. The Scum and I make our way upstairs, which was a fruitless exercise, as the entrance was on the ground floor. We regroup at the entrance, and the Tech Priest unlocks the door. I need to learn how to do that kind of stuff. Will definitely come in handy if our mission continues like this one did. Never seen so many electronic locks in such a short span, and I’ve lived on an interstellar merchant ship for over 10 years! The TechPriest continues his tech mojo and gets us through these corridors full of cameras and auto gun turrets without incident, even taking one for himself. That will be fun once he finally gets that working.

Eventually we arrive at a security station on what we find out is the first floor of this complex. The Tech Priest is able to control pretty much everything from here, so he disables the cameras and turrets. We find an armory as well and take as much as we can. I grab a Lasgun, Red Dot Sight, and a Bayonet. As…tasteless…as that last one is, and as much as I hate close range weaponry, I am forced to recognize that in these tight corridors, my rifle will be next to useless if we are rushed. Ive been meaning to pick up a Lasgun anyway; this just saved me a few thrones. Grabbed some Guard Flak as well. While we were gathering supplies in the armory, an Arbiter showed up. Apparently he was known to the rest of the group, but they decided it wasn’t prudent to inform me of this fact for some time. At first I was happy for the extra help. Unfortunately he has all the subtlety of a group of Orks with a third of the intelligence and self control. Something tells me I shouldn’t be surprised however.

We find an elevator and an access card. Using the card at the elevator grants us access to the second floor of the bunker. Unfortunately Smiley is on the third floor, conveniently labeled BOSS. And here I am mocking the intelligence of the Arbiter. The second floor was full of computers and strange technology. The tech priest was quite concerned as some of it he claimed was heretical, especially one terminal that was behind a wall. I wouldn’t know, but he is the only one who I somewhat trust out of this group, so I’ll take his word on it. We were deciding what to do with it when the arbiter smashed it. I am getting very tired of him. Breaking things, forcing open doors when the tech priest can do so without leaving a trace…He does not think before he acts, and it is going to get us killed. I am going to have to talk to Nihilius about him. Another room had some device in it that after watching security videos, shows it exposes people to the warp, and mutates them. It also appears that the people behind this are of a rogue sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus. That does not bode well. We also find another access card.

Returning to the elevator, we find the card brings us to the third floor. It opens to some gaudy villain lair like you would see in some of those old 20th century superhero vids that my dad showed me as a child. Red carpet, giant Smiley symbols, and some very….inappropriately shaped statues. We make it to the end of the hall to find the ugly bastard himself. He sounded like someone was stepping on a rat filled with helium. I tried to put a shot through his eyes, but the bastard had some kind of shield up. Must have been connected to two skull servitors that were floating near him. His hand was made entirely of chain swords, and managed to rip up the Tech Priest, Arbiter, and the Scum. I managed to get past him and start firing from behind, when he rushed me. Someone got a grenade off, and I was able to put one right between his eyes, dropping him right before he got to me. That was the closest I’ve gotten to feeling fear in quite some time.

I kept watch over Smiley, who somehow wasn’t dead (I’m rather disappointed in myself that that shot didn’t kill him, orders or no orders), while the Psyker healed the poor saps who got hit by that nasty chain claw. Once the Tech Priest was back on his feet, he began working on the computer in the room, which apparently linked to everything in the base. Quite the find. Nihilius bumbles his way in through some back door, and asks for an update. We fill him in, and find out that the basement is home to several heavy vehicles, and may be where the “benefactor” we saw on the vid might be located, as well as where that servitor that destroyed the garrison might have been constructed. We are now heading down there to take the bay, and find out who is behind this madness once and for all.

Note: While I in no way trust him, the Scum has proved himself to me, both with his combat skills, and reflexes. It’s not every day I can find someone who can outdraw me. Ill have to keep an even closer eye on him…

Havelock 07072009

Upon encountering Nihilius, Typhus was unsure of the truth of his identity. Typhus shot Nihilius at point blank with his grenade launcher in order to test the veracity of the claims. Nihilius was able to deflect the shot away using some sort of telekinesis. The Scum seemed disappointed that he could no longer use that excuse to shoot our inquisitor in the head. (It has long been clear that the Scum chafes under his inquisitorial commission.) Nihilius Berated us for being slow and stupid for a while before getting around to business. He told us that Smiley would not be found in the main base we were planning to assault and provided us with a map to Smiley's semi-secret emergency back-up bunker. Nihilius also updated our mission objectives. We were told to take Smiley alive if possible and to try to find out who his "benefactors" are. As a side note, we were told that the architectural styles of the hive crown are xenos inspired, which I found unsettling. He also assigned the new guy as our prime, which would have been laughable if suggested by anyone less than a full inquisitor.


 We avoided the elevators on our way to Smiley's bunker by traveling up the inside of a floor-spanning building. While inside the storage area we took the opportunity to don less distinct outer garments. Having reached the correct level of the hive, we proceeded to the building that concealed Smiley's bunker. The building was inhabited by a combination of regular citizens and generic gangers. The Scum entered first, followed by the sniper. A short time later, Typhus and I entered the building and followed our map to another storage closet. This closet contained the secret entrance to the secret bunker.


Once Typhus convinced the computers to let us inside,  the Scum disabled a security camera and discovered a turret. Using a second terminal, Typhus was able to somehow disguise our entry and disable the turret. We then confiscated the turret. We proceeded through a few more trapped areas by having Typhus speak to the machines. He was able to get us into the first floor's security room and the armory. Typhus learned from the consoles in the security room that there were three floors to this base: the first floor was a combined entrance and barracks; the second floor was designated for research and development; and the third floor was the boss's penthouse suite (presumably  Smiley's). For some reason, the arbiter followed our trail and rejoined us at the armory. After sweeping the floor, we advanced to the elevator. Oddly, the elevator had an additional floor on it labeled "B." At that time, we were only able to access the first and second floors so we advanced to floor two.


Floor two was full of heretical research and various heretical experiments. Mostly, we left things to Typhus on this floor as he was the only one able to tell the heretical machine parts from ordinary machine parts. The most disturbing experiment was  a room in which subjects were deliberately exposed to the warp in an attempt to create controllable demons. I found that room disturbing. It was full of psychic residue from five years worth of ripping holes in the fabric of reality and the walls themselves had thinned such that using any psy powers would have been severely foolish. In that room we were attacked by a group of skull servitors. We destroyed them. For reasons unknown, the destruction of the skulls did not trigger any obvious alarms and our movements continued unhindered. Also, Typhus found a higher clearance access card and we went up to the third floor.


Floor three had very high ceiling to accommodate Smiley. It was garishly decorated with the Smilies symbols. The main hall beyond the foyer contained two very suggestive statues. At the end of that hallway, we found Smiley bedroom. Smiley was there, along with four skull servitors. Two of the skull servitors were strange looking. Once combat broke out, the strange looking skulls appeared to be projecting some sort of energy field around themselves and Smiley. Smiley mauled the arbiter, then knocked Typhus out entirely with two strikes. The Scum was also injured. I discovered that my powers were dampened by something in the room (whatever it was lifted after our victory). Thanks to a few grenades and several well placed shots, we eventually managed to destroy the skull servitors and incapacitate  Smiley. With Smiley unconscious, I restored our injured members to a semblance of health while a newly awakened Typhus began communing with the room's console. Around that time,  Nihilius came in through the back door. He debriefed us where we were while Typhus retrieved more information from the terminal. 


The terminal revealed that floor "B" was a large garage and workshop full of vehicles that were completely inappropriate for the inside of a hive. There was also a covered area, which maps suggest is the combat servitor construction bay. The six of us resolved to take the bay and destroy their ability to craft heretical servitors. We suspect that  Smiley's so called "benefactors" are a rogue sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Log # 11-88-68-98632/A

The room is dark, barely lit by a small overhanging metal lamp. In the center sits an unconscious man who is strapped to the metal chair he sits on. He is clearly bound not only to the chair but to the floor as well. In front of him is a metal table matching the chair the man sits on. He is of a lean build, thin arms and legs that still held strength behind them. His hair disheveled and messy, his clothes rugged and dirty to match his face. He has no beard yet however the stubble around his face reveals that if he doesn’t shave a beard will form.

From the darkened wall in front of the man a door opens up and light pours in from the hallway. A robed man, his hood obscuring his face, and a somewhat burly fully armored bodyguard walk in, the guard carrying a bucket filled to the brim with water. After they made it though the threshold of the door it closes behind them with a metallic screech and the room regains is shadowy demeanor. With a slam the last bit of light from the hall is cut and with the sound the man strapped to the chair groans slowly.

Raising a gloved hand the robed figure signals to the guard. With a heave he empties the contents directly at the chair bound man with a splash. Coughing and sputtering he shakes his head of the water and looks up at his captors.

“Emperor’s blood counted thrones… where am I?”

The robed man pulls a chair opposite the table and sits down across from his prisoner. The move was completely natural and it would take someone actually looking to realize that there was only one chair in the room. And that one was occupied by the now wet man.

“Subject number 718-411-09, henceforth to be named 718, you are not the one asking questions here…”

Placing his arms on the table he lets his fingers cross in front of his hood. His face is completely obscured by the hood and possibly something else.

“Emperor’s spit you are! Who are you? Where am I!? How did I get here?!”

Each question is followed by another and a louder yell as the captive struggles against his restraints. With a slow nod to his guard the robed man smiles as the guard goes over to 718 and administers two long electric shocks from the tip of his maul. After the second the robed man addresses the now steaming 718.

“The first one was for asking a question the second one was for blasphemy… continue this ill-advised resistance and the pain will increase. Now to the point at hand I want you to tell me everything that happened to you and the group of acolytes that you traveled with after Solar date 78-4/6.”

The man coughs and shakes his head to clear the pain out of it and looks up at the robed man.

“What… 78-4/6…? That was over five years ago! How in the mutant fested ass of the hive would I know about that day?!”

The guard administers another longer electrical shock to 718 with an associated yell from him.

“Solar date 78-4/6 was the same day you had resumed contact with the Inquisitor assigned to administer your hive, his name was Nihilius.”


Coughing and catching his breath 718 spits out the foam from the shock to the boots of the guard and regains his composure as turns back to the robed man and levels a stare at him.

“Now there’s… a name I have little loyalty to, So you want to know about him then well I guess the best thing to do is tell you.”

Taking a deep breath he sighs and closes his eyes remembering back to that date. “We… my ‘fellow acolites’ and I had just finished off our second group of smilies that tried to ambush us in their own territory. Real nasty fight lots of fire and smoke… However when we had finished them we continued on our warpath only to find our way blocked by none other then our emperor sent Inquisitor. He always was a piece of work… press ganging me into the group and all. I personally would have shot him right there had the tech priest not beaten me to the punch. Course he was completely outclassing us as he took a nade round and nonchalantly turned it back round on that mech boy. Fun to watch and glad it happened to him instead of me.

So he takes us into his hidey hole and berates us for being incompetent and stupid, course knowing him as I do now it was a clear case of the pot and the kettle. So after saying this ‘was our last chance to prove ourselves’ in the same melodramatic way ALL inquisitors talk he sent us on our way to scout out the hole Smilie crawled into. Well we checked it out quick as chaos is evil. Fool gang lord though he was secure but that armature setup he got was completely worthless to us.

The robot man walked in and hacked all the systems easy as pie… least it looked easy… while the rest of us steamrolled over any resistance we ran into. Course it was only the first floor that we got though easy. So we eventually found the armory and lo and behold we feel the guiding hand of our inquisitor again, like an Ogrun’s fist his, as that ‘Cop’ shows up after being sent by ol Nihilius. Well, that made things difficult as the cop had all the subtlety of a Bull rushing Korn Berserker.

Anyways we meet up with him and head up to the second level. Honestly that level bored the crap out of me as there wasn’t a damn good thing to look. Just this odd cube thing and a round room that made demons or something. If you have my friends ask them I wasn’t much for caring. Course it was only due to that that we weren’t flanked by those floaty skull things. Well we finished them off and headed up to the third floor to face Smilie. The guy tries to hide then labels his floor as ‘boss floor’... idiot… Well we finally meet up with Smilie… all fourteen feet of him. The Guy’s a giant and fights like a bastard ripping into everyone slow enough to get caught by that wicked chainsaw hand of his.

Well with a few well placed nade shots and a couple of shotguns shells he goes down just like any other bitch we steamrolled. So we’re looting… LOOKING around and lo and behold the subtle as an ogrun Inquisitor Nihilius shows up again…”

After that the man puts up a hand stopping 718’s tale.

“Hold please… I need to think for a minute.”

“heh… really now… thats interesting…”

End Log Issue 11-88-68-98632/A

June 21 2009

The session opened with the introduction of a new player character. The new guy was brought up to speed, at which point he tracked down the rest of the party. Tracking us down was easier than it had been for other acolytes because of the heights of infamy that the team has reached.

Typhus and The Scum were both hospitalized from the previous session, so we spent several days just hanging out and getting our affairs in order. During this time, Havelock requisitioned a truck and a pair of drivers for it; The Scum preordered a new gun from Caeser; and Typhus replaced his left arm with a prosthetic.

 After everyone was healthy enough for combat, we hopped in the truck and had our drivers take us back into smilies territory.  Once there, we resumed our interrupted execution of Plan H (killing all of  Smiley's gangers, one group at a time. At first, we met only minor resistance. There was a group that included four lieutenants which gave us somereal resistance, but even that group appeared to have been sent after us just as a distraction so that the real counter-attack could track us down. Luckily for the group, we were able to use a stolen radio to keep a step ahead of the enemy's movements and thus set an ambush for the group that was hunting us.

The ambush was quickly detected by Smiley's strike force because they had a psyker with them. Fortunately for us, we still had the advantage of cover. The enemy first tried to take us down at range, but the changed strategies when it became apparent that we were unperturbed by the distance. They then began advancing under the cover of smoke grenades. Once they had closed sufficient distance, their psyker began throwing fire blasts at us. Typhus and The Scum suffered some nasty burns, but eventually the entire force was defeated. The last surviving member of their party surrendered to us, but was later killed.

 After the battle,  Havelock healed everyone. The group sent the truck and drivers back to the PDF garrison to bring reinforcements for the big assault on  Smiley's base and NewGuy radioed the Guard Garrison to send additional forces.

Proceding on foot towards the heart of Smilies territory, the acolytes were surprised to encounter a man they had believed dead: Inquisitor Nihilius. He said something vaguely cryptic about us taking a long time to get there and the session ended.

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