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Psychic Disciplins

  • Classified


  • Best Quality Light Power Armor- heavily augmented
  • Best Quality Holy Force Sword
  • Best Quality Holy Bolt Pistol
  • Bionic Eye
  • Cranial Implant
  • Psy Focus – In the shape of the Imperial Eagle


Skilled in both ranged and hand to hand combat Inquisitor Nihilius was known for his skills with a blade. A powerful psycher in his youth, his powers have not waned with aged but rather strengthened. Renowned for defeating a Charnal Demon in single combat Nihilius was gifted a Force Sword by a Techno Magus of the Adeptus Mechanicus for his heroics and skills. This sword has not left his side during his long carrier with the Inquisition and is prized as one of the finest of it’s kind.

The full extent of Nihilius’s psychic powers is known only to a few in the Inquisition and has been a matter of debate among many. Often he rarely displays his power, preferring to use his martial skill so as to not weaken the barriers of reality. This has given rise to the rumor that he is a low grade psycher but those within the Inquisition know this to be nothing but a careful lie.

Since his disappearance in Hive Tsa, there has been no known follow up by the inquisition. It is suspected another inquisitor has been dispatched to continue his work and locate him if possible. Currently there are no confirmed reports of inquisitorial presence in Hive Tsa besides the few acolytes he had taken planet-side with him.

The recovery of him or his body has been deemed the highest of priority by Holy Terra and word of possible involvement from the Adeptus Astartes has reached the Crown of Hive Tsa.


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