Havelock Klightus

A Sanctioned Psyker of the Inquisition


Weapon Skill: 29

Ballistic Skill: 27

Strength: 22

Toughness: 32

Agility: 29

Intelligence: 30

Perception: 35

Will Power: 52

Fellowship: 40

Trained skills: Awareness (+10), Drive Ground Vehicle, Navigation Stellar, Pilot Spacecraft, Speak Language Low Gothic, Speak Language Ship Dialect, Psyniscience (+10), Invocation (+10), Trade Merchant, Literacy.

 Talents and Traits: Melee Weapon Training Primitive, Pistol Weapon Training Las, Basic Weapon Training Las, Psy Rating 1, Psy Rating 2, Psy Rating 3, Psy Rating 4, Charmed, Ill-Omened, Shipwise, Void Acustomed, Meditation, Metal Head Plate.

Minor Powers Known: Call Item, Dull Pain, Fearful Aura, Forget Me, Healer, Repel Filth, Resist Possession, Silence, Spasm, Spectral Hands, Ventriloquism, Wall Walk, Weapon Jinx.

Discipline Powers Known: Biolightning, Precision Telekinesis, Psychic Blade, Seal Wounds

Prefered Weapons: Runed Las Pistol, Long Las.


Havelock was born on board of the great black ship Black Photon. He was the offspring of two of the lowest ranked members of the officer class, although he did not have a lot of time to get to understand his position. Growing up in the confines of a void ship, his latent powers were discovered at the first subtle manifestation when he was only four years old, at which point he separated from his parents and kept with the psykers the ship had picked up for the tithe. The ship took another twelve years to finish its circuit and return to Holy Terra with a full hold. Fifteen years later, he emerged as an acolyte with the Inquisition.

Havelock is a full two meters tall and has skin which is slightly blue. He is otherwise not particularly remarkable. 

Havelock Klightus

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