Owners of Caeser's Gun Shop. Acolyte to Nihilius


Age: 53

Height: 1.7m

Build: Heavy set

Demeanor: Friendly

Well known in the lower hive for being creative in his stocking methods and access to restricted equipment. He is well known by the PDF in his area and often sells surplus or premium weaponry to them at their request. Though he resides near Smilies zone of influence he is open in his dislike for him but has been forced to do business with the Gang Lord on occasion.

Recent rumors have said he is cultivating a connection to the Inquisitorial and Imperial Guard forces in an effort to expand his zone of influence and leave the lower hive.

He has been recently revealed to be an acolyte of Nihilius specializing in infiltration and information gathering.


Caeser is a large man who is as likely to shot you in the back for some small slight as he is to share a drink with you. He is a man of business first as he always says and is well known for always keeping his word and deals. He is constantly cultivating new contacts and allies as he seeks to move up in the hive towards what he believes is more fertile grounds for his generally good to high quality merchandise.

Known Gang Connections:

Smilies – not well liked but valuable customers

Greenies – disliked


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