War In The Hive

Soloist Log HV-6-5924/8144

Game Date 7/24/09




The crawler finally rolls to a stop, and Guardsmen arrive to secure it. Nihilius orders us to head to the main guard garrison on level 40 to meet with the elusive Ceaser and get some new equipment. I had heard a lot about Ceaser, as he apparently ran a gun shop that the others in the group had used extensively in the past, but I never had a reason to visit. So we arrived and Nihilius sends us off to get better gear. Ceaser seems like a nice enough guy, although nothing like the others described him as. Must be part of the job… Anyway, he hooks me up with a new rifle. The bastard is heavy as all fuck, but supposedly it will actually put some hurt on these heavily armored bastards that we are running in to. I was able to whip up some hollow point rounds to tear up the unarmoreds as well. Ceaser was also kind enough to get me a poison kit, which I plan to make quite a bit of use of.

After we spent far too much time dicking around with our gear, we find get word that the scum was still alive. After playing a….rousing game of hide and seek with the mental midget, Nihilius summons us to a briefing, which the Psyker promptly gets himself kicked out of for wising off, although I can’t say I blame him….or didn’t laugh at it myself. El Jefe then informs us that the benefactors have some huge ship in orbit and are preparing to leave the world, and that we are to go to some cargo bay and stop the shuttle there from leaving and making it back to the main ship. If it should escape, then we would need to board their main ship to try to stop them from leaving the planet so we could bring them to justice.

We make our way to the cargo bay on one of the god knows how many spires in this pimple on this ass of a planet, and the Scum and I scout ahead. Four bastards with Hellguns are guarding the entrance. We make short work of them. Hell one of my shots nailed a bastard through a Ferracrete barrier. Maybe this new gun will work out after all. After making it inside, we find a some data entry clerk who seems to know nothing, but that’s to be expected of an employee of the dock. We tie him up until we are finished, just so he doesn’t get hurt. Continuing inside, we fight off some more guards, then make our way to the elevator. Surprise, surprise, the fucking thing doesn’t work, and we have to scramble around to find the real controls as the cargo is already being loaded onto the shuttle. We finally make the thing work, and make it to the top just as the cargo is loaded. We run for the shuttle when who should show up but that ugly monkey Smiley again, only this time much more machine. He starts hurling crates and shit at us this time, and nearly kills everyone. Hell I even take a few shots from his bolter this time, still no chain claw though haha. We finally put him down and I put another bullet in his head. The tech priest disarms some kind of bomb that was on him, and we get to the pad just in time for the ship to take off. I put a crack in the window, just to see the blast door shut….oh joy failed again! Its almost as if some massive block was in our way that would prevent all conceivable way for us to complete our objectives….Nah that’s stupid talk…

We radio Nihilius, who takes the Tech Priest to fly after the ship, and sends the rest of us to find a Virus bomb that has been planted in the Hive. This next one is gonna be a doozy….

Altian out




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