War In The Hive

Soloist Log HV-5-5924/7902

Game Date 7/17/09




I am not getting paid enough to put up with this shit….

Nihilius orders myself, the Psyker, and the Scum to investigate the Basement garage, while he and the tech priest goo to the level that had the warp experiments on it. The Scum puts on some gang leathers and went down first to scout it out. By the time we finally get down there, the scum has blown something up with one of their tanks. We began rounding up the Smileys that were left, when suddenly the place locked down and the lights shut off. Then something began ripping the gangers apart. It wasn’t showing up on my visor, and would jump into and out of the lights before we could fire on it. We began driving the tank to the door, with myself on top, when the thing landed on top of the tank as well. I managed to get a few good shots into its “face” then it retreated, but not after getting a good hit on myself as well. We get to the door, and I manage to unlock it. Apparently this is the way some big APC left before we managed to get down there. Before the door opened, a tech priest came from the doors behind us and began heading toward us. I opened fire, but my weapon wasn’t strong enough to deal any real amount of damage. The scum decides it would be a great idea to run out at him, and as he found out, plasma hurts. He did get a good shot at him with Smiley’s bolter, which then took off across the room. I ran to resecure it before we left the building, as some sort of alarm was blaring, and the tech priest sealed himself inside the bay.

We just make it down the street when the warp rips into our realm and sucks the base into oblivion. Our vehicle was upended by the blast, but I managed to jump off unharmed. Some kind of rip then opened up and some demons appeared. We managed to dispatch them without much trouble, but the Scum then shows his true colors, yellow, and runs off. He then comes crying back to us when he runs into something slightly bigger, and the Psyker and I have to save his worthless ass. Nihilius shows back up with a truck, and our buddy Vern, and we take off after the APC.

We run into a few members of another gang that I am not familiar with, but the group is able to dispatch them easily. I seem to have used up all my luck earlier in the day, as I can’t seem to hit anything anymore. Must be this piece of shit Las. I need a new weapon so damn badly. Finally we catch up to the cargo crawler, and take out some servitors on the back of it. The 4 of us board the crawler, and take out a few more servitors. We are then greeted by our friend from before, who starts to fight Nihilius. I take a few shots at him, and he then calmly informs me of his displeasure at my actions, and would appreciate if I would find a more peaceful way of voicing my objections, via two plasma shots to my face. That…..sucked more than a little. The Psyker then decides to hurl a bandoleer of grenades at the tech priest, causing Nihilius to jump back to our side of the train, and the tech priest got away as he seperated our car from the engine. Nihilius was less than pleased. Turns out the Scum was still on the main part of the train, and disobeyed Nihilius when he ordered to return. As much as I’d like to not see him return, he is more than resourceful enough to pull that stunt off. The psyker and I search the train, and find a lot of weapons and ammo. I manage to grab some better quality auto pistols, and a few tools that will certainly come in handy. In the last room we searched, we find a bunch of people in tubes, most likely servitor experiments. The Psyker points out that one of them was their Inquisitorial contact.

This is not going to end well.

Altian out




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