War In The Hive

Log # 11-88-68-98634\A

Log # 11-88-68-98634\A

After his last comment the robed man sighed and stood up pushing the chair away from the table as he did so. Stepping to the side he slid the now vacant chair back towards the table and turned to the door making soft footsteps as he did. Reaching for the handle he turned his shadowed head towards the guard and spoke.

“Do with him as you will but make sure he’s able to continue in a few hours. I must go and edit this fools statements as his speech and actions needs to be analyzed.”

With that he opened the door and left the room. The guard nodding and giving a curious bow as he left. Once the door had closed he waited for a few moments starring at 718 as the scum sat on his side of the table slouching and leaning to the side his plate clean and his silverware laying beside it abiet short one spoon. Slowly the guard walked forwards to the side of the table the robed man was sitting at unslings his shock maul as he did so. With a powerful sweep he arced it over his head and down onto the table with a massive crash. At that the Scum bolted upright in his chair sitting straight and looking forwards in a subtle mockery of the very training the guard had probably received.

Pulling the maul out of the dent it made in the table he slung it at his belt again and pulled out the chair the robed man was just sitting in. Sitting down you could hear an audible sigh come from him as he unhooked his face covering helmet and pulled it off. Underneath the helmet was the face of one of the oldest men the Scum had ever seen. Wrinkles lined every part of his face and his beard was surprisingly large despite how confining it must have been with the helmet on. His hair is white and his eyes pierce into the prisoner with an icy stare.


The only word spoken that carried more weight then anything the scum or the robed man had said up to that point. Looking confused 718 tilted his head to the side and responded.

“So… what?”

“So what happens next?”

The Prisoner blinked a few times then tilted his head more to the side as the confusion on his face grew. Eventually he straightened up and shrugged.

“Well after I booked it out of the factory place I made my way to the local guard garrison to contact my friends. Honestly I would have proffered to give the info to them and have them relay it to Nihilius but he, being the homicidal maniac that he is… was, he chose to have me deliver it face to face. Well I didn’t take to kindly to that but seeing as how he held all the chips it was clear I had no choice. Upon hindsight the cat and mouse game I played with the other acolytes didn’t even help me shake those illusionary shackles he placed on me…

Well eventually we get our orders to head up to the upper levels, more upper since we were on the forties, to capture one of those benefactors ships heading into orbit and the barge waiting for it. So we make our way there and suddenly our arbiter shows up seconds before the assault. However since we last saw him we were being all stealthy like this time we at least managed to direct his battle mongering to more productive means. Well we attack the shipping area and head inside. Few more spent bullets and weirdness later we make it up to the roof just in time to see the shuttle getting ready to take off.

So we had planned to stop it but suddenly we’re attacked by mecha smily for lack of a better description. You know that always bothered me. There was at least a dozen shuttle pads which were commencing with the shipping however the one WE go to has not only added defenses but one who we’ve encountered before… seems a little too convenient for my tastes. Anyways the battle is a redux of the last fight as we put him down AGAIN. Well due to his appearance we are unfortunately too late to stop that damn shuttle and up and away it goes…”

End Log # 11-88-68-98634\A



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