War In The Hive

Log # 11-88-68-98633/B

Log # 11-88-68-98633/B

Though mouthfuls of some grayish slop Prisoner 718 manages to cough out a few sentences every now and again to the robed man and his guard. His eating style is messy most likely due to the fact that he handn’t eaten anything in days.

“So let me tell you, After I get off that bus train thingy I was on I find myself in this huge factory. Well to put it mildly this place was every reason and example I went into lawlessness instead of the work force. Throughout my entire trip there I felt like I was in more danger from dieing of bordem then I was from anyone shooting at me. Well I find out the estimated time of those guys departing the planet and the scale of the operation before I got ‘fired’ from there…”

With that he continues to eat while the robed man does his best to filter out the sound of his eating from the logs.

“Oh yeah and that creepy multi legged tech priest guy was there to… too bad the fool never even noticed me… thats what you get when you have tunnel vision up the ass.”

End Log # 11-88-68-98633/B



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