War In The Hive

Havelock 08212009

More of Stein's Tomfoolery

After clearing the area around us of Orks, we set out the find the local commisar per caesar's request. He then sent us back to Caesar, who had since landed a comfortable distance away from all of the fighting. We were only at the headquarters a short time before Caesar interrupted our actual mission by sending us in as a hit squad to take out an Ork Mekboy. We entered the Mekboy's lair, put down its guards, and then put down the Mekboy. These creatures disgust me and it is not even satisfying to exterminate them because of their prolific nature. This is a job marines with heavy flamers, not poorly armed inquisitorial acolytes. This, combined with other bits of information we've heard about him, lead me to suspect that Stein's motives may not be in line with the needs of the Imperium.



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