War In The Hive

Havelock 08072009

End Tsa Arc - Begin Ork Ark

Nihlius split our group up again. He took Typhus into the void to chase the benefactors and assigned us to Caeser so that we could stop a virus bomb the benefactors had left behind. In his haste, Nihlius forgot to reasign the position of prime.


Caesar's cell met us at the guard depot. There, Caesar assigned  Lt. Kruser to our squad and sent us to the heart of the hive to take care of the primary virus bomb. Caesar went with a Sister and possibly some othes to the secondary bomb at a water treatment plant in the roots.


We made short work of the corrupt guards surrounding the virus bomb.  Through the fickleness of the aetherium, I lost consciousness and my right arm shortly before the final guard was killed. Kruser revived me using two doses of stimm, and I was able to repair most of the remaining damage myself. The arm was too far gone, however, and I was forced to refit it with a bionic.


While we were waiting for word from Nihlius, Caesar received a message from an inquisitor named Eisen. He sent us to the planet Lind to deal with an Ork threat of an unusual nature, though I must take his word that the nature is unusual for I am no expert on the xenos races. Regardless, we took a small voidship with Caesar to meet this threat, leaving Kruser and the sister to mind Tsa. 


When we arrived in orbit around Lind, we were immediately thrust into the crucible. Orks had overrun a key point in Lind's ground defenses  and they needed help repelling the assault. True Orks put the Greenies to shame. They are bigger, tougher, and most astonishingly, even worse shots. They are also far more plentiful, which is the true danger, as we must remember lest hubris be our undoing on this world.



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