War In The Hive

Havelock 07242009

Super Mecha Resurrection Mutant Lord Smiley

Once guard forces had arrived at the crawler, Nihlius took us to the guard garrison on level 40. Once there, he used his connections to get us some better equipment. We had a day to prepare while Nihlius prepared his other cells for a joint assault. The next morning, the Scum rejoined us. He had some information onone of the benefactor bases. The information was as useless as he is. According to Nihlius's scouts, we needed to assault several of Tsa's spaceports at once as the benefactor forces had already left the warrehouse the Scum scouted.


The assault on our assigned spaceport went smoothly at first. The guards on the outside were well armed and armored, but our new tools made short work of them. The guards on the inside were spread out enough that we were able to dispatch them just as easily.  Once the guards were all killed, the pallet elevators began raising towards the roof. We raced them up in the personnel elevator and were just in time to see the pallets disappear into the benefactors' cargo shuttle.


We were about to stop the launch of the ship when a resurrected mechanized Smiley appeared. I was concerned with the fallibility that Smiley's appearance suggested in Nihlius. Smiley mauled each of us in turn, but I was able to repair each of us in turn  as we were struck down. His automatically injected stimms were no match for the power of the etherium, and so we were eventually able to whittle him down. Once Smiley was down, Typhus went over to him and defused a bomb that had been left as a trap inside of him. 


At that point, the ship we had wanted to stop began its ascent. Altian and the scum took shots at it with their guns, but only succeeded in dealing cosmetic damage. At that point, Altian called Nihlius to report in and we received new orders.



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